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What you will learn in Chapter 1:
1. Financial ETHICS are the fundamental steps to accumulating wealth.
2. There must be a transformation of your mindset.
3. Every dollar can start the process of creating wealth.
4. Being poverty-minded is one major factor that prevents wealth from accumulating.
5. Wealth is possible by saving small regular amounts of money over long periods of time on a consistent basis.
6. Compounding interest becomes the affect of money earning money on the money that earned money on the money you invested.
7. Success will come from a well-conceived financial plan.

What you will learn in Chapter 2:
1. Budgeting puts you on the road to being wealth-conscious, yet it may seem that you are more poverty conscious because of the stance you have to take.
2. To establish control in your home or family within itself becomes an organization. Your primary role in this organization is to create the control in which you will operate.
3. To be successful, you have to provide as much detail for your standard of living. 
4. All of your values and plans for your financial future and retirement should be on the table.
It’s essential that both husbands and wives have a voice in setting and achieving financial goals.

What you will learn in Chapter 3:
1. A foundation that is established correctly will allow you to grow and expand.
2. When you do it in a manner that is correctly suited for your family, it will allow you to be in a better position that will help define success.
3. There are no rules to guarantee success.
4. Regardless of your approach, there is a certain way that you want to live. That alone should generate financial goals.
5. Whatever your goals are, they are your goals and nobody else's.
6. There are specific reasons why you should budget.
7. There are rules and guidelines in creating a budget.
8. Having a budget will provide you with the freedom and flexibility of surviving a layoff.
9. You cannot create financial freedom and accumulate wealth without overcoming the way you approach budgeting. 
10. The sooner you realize the difference between wealth-consciousness and poverty-consciousness, the more successful you will be with money the rest of your life.
11. The fear serves as a boundary that prohibits individuals from moving forward is the same type of fear that can hinder a person from successfully accumulating wealth. 
12. Your net income is the key.
13. Not knowing what your gross and net income is shows your disconnect with your own money.
14. Having a wealth mentality requires you to know your money.

What you will learn in Chapter 4:
1. Not establishing and knowing your net income is a sure sign that you will fail.
2. You will be able to change your mentality from a poverty minded to wealth conscious.
3. It is critical for you to ask yourself serious questions.
4. Three areas that provide comfort and security for your family.
5. Your spending behavior is guided by the influence of things that we are exposed to.
6. How you live becomes the blueprint of the foundation (budget).
7. When the core of your financial foundation (budget) is not in place, nothing else matters.
8. The transitions from a poverty mindset to a wealth mentality.
9. Adjustments should not be dramatic and create discomfort in the family.
10. Debt is like a cancer to your finances.
11. Making minimum payments only without a strategy will result in an endless attempt to get out of debt.
12. Every decision that you make has a cost. 
13. Make a commitment to make wealth conscious decisions in every action of your life.
14.Secure the needs of your household, maintain a standard of living that suits you.
15. Your emotions can influence financial decisions in surprisingly predictable ways.
16. Action Influence can give you a unique approach to achieving your financial goals.
17. A new action can influence your financial future in a way that affects you right away.
18. Your values, attitudes and morals become the structure that greatly influences what you now
do and how you now do it.

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Action Influence allows you to really see all of the benefits of saving money. By observing patterns in your own life when it comes to handling money, your financial decisions are sharper.

This is how you are going to define your own purpose to financial security. Financial security is an admirable goal, the Action Influence that you take makes it achievable.


“Controlling your savings and investing creates the environment that your spending is choked off. - Rob Wilson”


Determine the financial impact of all decisions made. Focus on providing a way of life for you and your family first.


“It doesn't matter how you start, it matters how you end! You either live by default or design!” -Bishop Dale C. Bronner


Research has shown that it is rarely luck, inheritance, advanced degrees or even intelligence that enables people to build wealth. It is more often hard work, thorough planning, persistence, and most of all self-discipline that gets the job done.