It's My Passion - Robert Wilson

This book will help you create a Wealth Conscious mindset over a Poverty
Conscious mindset. It will provide you with the major factors required to create
the focus of accumulating wealth.

Wealth Wisdom for Living – We show you how to simply create your foundation that
allows you to secure your family, household and way of living.
*Create a budget.
*Educating you about money.
*Establish financial goals.
Wealth Wisdom to Save – Developing your first line of financial defense.
*Save each month
*Compound interest.
Wealth Wisdom to Eliminate Debt – Taking out the biggest enemy your financial future will ever have.
*Control debt.
*Protect your wealth
Wealth Wisdom to Invest – Learning the products that change your growth.
*Take advantage of Tax-Deferred Investments
Wealth Wisdom for Retirement – Accumulating various products that allow you to W.I.N.
*How to research and learn about the best investments for you based upon your financial goals, time horizon and tolerance for risk.
You will start budgeting, saving, eliminating and investing immediately and in no time at all you will WIN. Get Ready for Action Influence Conversations.

About Robert Wilson

Rob’s financial education company, The Wilson Group, mission is to provide excellent financial education that empowers consumers and groups to take financial control.

As a financial educator, author and speaker, he encourages people to know the difference between wealth consciousness and poverty consciousness. Rob is the executive producer and radio talk show host of Financial Solutions with Rob Wilson heard Saturdays (noon – 3pm) on WAOK 1380AM in Atlanta, GA.

Rob's previous professional consulting experience includes, employee assistance programs for Fortune 500 companies, mortgage and financial organizations where he provided financial consulting services to individuals and businesses. 

Rob has also provided financial advice to various Fortune 500 and public company executives. Rob’s responsibilities include meeting with clients, researching client issues, and preparing and presenting financial planning cases and updates. His areas of concentration include money management, saving, debt reduction, estate planning, insurance analysis, retirement planning and education planning.

Georgia Secretary of State appointed him a Goodwill Ambassador and acknowledged him as an outstanding citizen for his consumer advocacy work. He was selected by Atlanta Magazine as one of 45 people that Atlanta loves.

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Quotes and Facts from the Book.


Action Influence allows you to really see all of the benefits of saving money. By observing patterns in your own life when it comes to handling money, your financial decisions are sharper.

This is how you are going to define your own purpose to financial security. Financial security is an admirable goal, the Action Influence that you take makes it achievable.


Controlling your savings and investing creates the environment that your spending is choked off. - Rob Wilson”


Determine the financial impact of all decisions made. Focus on providing a way of life for you and your family first.


It doesn't matter how you start, it matters how you end! You either live by default or design!” -Bishop Dale C. Bronner


Research has shown that it is rarely luck, inheritance, advanced degrees or even intelligence that enables people to build wealth. It is more often hard work, thorough planning, persistence, and most of all self-discipline that gets the job done.