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This book was written for the everyday person. For the first time, I have come across something written about finances that I didn't come away completely confused. I am now on my way to retirement using "Action Influence". Thank you

D. Redford - Female, Age: 54

Mr. Wilson, I want to thank you and your team for selecting my family as a previewer for this book. Living in the MidWest where foreclosures and unemployment was one of the hardest hit areas during the recession. The income for our house was cut in half, having the chance to review this book and apply the principles that we found to our current situation brought us great relief. Thank You so much for a new paradigm.

Mr. & Mrs. Orenstein, Family of five.

I have tried every debt relief program that I could find. This is the first time that I can see the end of the tunnel. Not just a small light at the end, a complete opening showing me how to get out of debt and save. Your "Action Saving Plans" is the best I have ever seen. I know where my money is going now and how to build wealth safely.

J. L. Carmichael - Bus Driver